Hop! Toolkit

Welcome to our Hop! Toolkit, a resource explaining how to use the Hop! app to promote walking to school.

If you have questions or trouble accessing any of the content please reach out to us at transport@envirocentre.ca.

User’s Guide

What’s in the guide:

  • What Hop! is and how it works
  • All the interactive features including how challenges work
  • A summary of all the promotional tools available
  • How to become a Regional Administrator
  • How to set up your Regional Administrator account

Download the guide here!

Promoting Hop! At School

Below are some ideas for promoting Hop! at schools in your region. Resources for each of these ideas are found below!

  1. Email school principals to encourage the use of active transportation through the Hop! app.
  2. Email school boards to encourage the use of active transportation through the Hop! app. Please note that some school boards may need to review the app and approve it before promoting it.
  3. Tag schools in media posts to promote walking to school using Hop!
  4. Tag schools in social media posts about using Hop! on walk to school day events, including iWalk Day, Winter Walk Day, and Spring into Spring.
  5. Share the Hop! promotional video on social media.
  6. Use “Suite of Graphics” and PowerPoint with Hop! graphics to create promotional materials to encourage the use of Hop! at schools.
  7. Print posters and stickers and deliver them to schools.
  8. Host a Hop! to School Day event and hand out promotional materials. Customize your event details using the resources in the Promotional Materials.

Promotional Materials

Social Media Promotions

Social media can be a great way to reach families in your school community! Here are some ideas, graphics, and pre-written social media posts to help you get started.

Share social media posts to promote walking to school using Hop!

  • Launch Posts to Introduce Hop!
  • Keep logging your walks posts
  • Seasonal Challenge posts
    • International Walk to School Month (iWalk) Challenge
    • Winter Walk Challenge
    • Spring into Spring Challenge

Click here to download pre-written social media posts.

Click here to download the full suite of social media graphics.





Hop! Video

Share this promotional video to launch the Hop! app

Printable Resources

Posters (download here)

Stickers (download here)

Editable PowerPoint Slides (download here)

What is Hop! One Pager (download here)

Hop! For Teachers One Pager (download here)

Letter to Principals: Introduction to Hop! (download here)

For Teachers: Setting up your Team on Hop! (download here)

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