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EnviroCentre has been dedicated to empowering individuals, communities, and organizations for two decades, equipping them with tangible solutions to make a lasting positive impact on the environment. We deeply appreciate your invaluable support, as it enables us to persist in our vital mission and work towards a greener and more sustainable Ottawa region.   

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EnviroCentre proudly holds the status of a registered not-for-profit corporation in Canada. 

However, it is important to note that we do not hold the designation of a registered charity. As a result, we are unable to issue charitable donation receipts.  

But we can provide you with updates around what your contribution has gone to support, and you have a particular project in mind, you can choose to have your contribution support one of our projects in particular, or a section of projects that address a particular climate action need. 

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More opportunities to support

If you would like to donate to support local climate action, and you require a charitable receipt, we encourage you to contribute to the Ottawa Sustainability Fund (OSFund).   

This is a community-supported fund, that provides small grants to practical climate action projects each year.  You can donate to the permanent fund, or designate a flow-through donation that will be available for granting. EnviroCentre works with our local partners each year to designate the available funds to great local projects.  This fund does not support EnviroCentre projects, but it does support work that has our stamp of approval, and allows us to grow local capacity for climate action beyond our doors.  

To donate to the OSFund please visit their website.