Empower your green journey

Gain insights into sustainable living and create a better tomorrow. Connect with like-minded individuals and learn practical ways to reduce your ecological footprint.

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10 Easy Steps to Living Lighter

Learn how to assess your greenhouse gas impact and simple ways to reduce it. EnviroCentre staff will bring ideas, knowledge, and inspiration for everyone, no matter where they are in their journey to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Easy Steps to Live Lighter

In this workshop, you’ll find ways to:

  1. Know your impact
  2. Be aware of the choices you can make
  3. Drive less
  4. Buy less
  5. Shop local
  6. Eat less meat & off-season produce
  7. Renovate your home with purpose
  8. Use the energy you need
  9. Reduce, reuse, recycle
  10. Focus on changes that fit your lifestyle

Cost: $450 + HST

Green Workshops for Businesses

This workshop includes the following topics:

  • Make the Green Economy Work for Your Business
  • 10 Steps to a Low Carbon Workplace
  • Building Retrofits for SMEs: Where to Start (part 1)
  • Building Retrofits for SMEs: From Plan to Project (part 2)
  • Retrofitting to Net Zero: Knowing the Landscape (part 1)
  • Retrofitting to Net Zero: Getting it Right (part 2)

Find out more here.

Cost: $450 + HST

Urban Cycling

Delivered by an experienced commuter cyclist, this workshop will provide participants with tips on biking to work, including what to wear, helpful hints and advice on choosing a route to your workplace. We will also discuss the many benefits of cycling.

Cost: $450 + HST

Discover Your City by Bike

Can I really get THERE by bike? This presentation will help you find out! Through the use of a fun example, you will learn about the different mapping tools available to Ottawa area cyclists and how to use them for route planning. We also hope to inspire your next field trip by sharing some bikeable destinations you may not be aware of. This workshop can be adapted to suit specific communities and is intended for people of all ages and cycling abilities.

Cost: $450 + HST

Commuting Options

Delivered by an expert in sustainable transportation options, this workshop will provide participants with information on how to start a carpooling program, discover how to meet daytime transportation needs and discuss other solutions to lower the reliance on single occupancy vehicles. This presentation will help you discover options and how to implement them at your workplace. Note: this presentation can be customized to address a specific workplace need.

Cost: $450 + HST

City Cyclist

Join us on a downtown ride where you’ll learn about the Ottawa area’s growing cycling infrastructure and some on road cycling skills. Led by an experienced cyclist, this on-bike workshop will help you improve your comfort cycling on road. The group will ride approximately 8 km with many stops for discussions and demonstrations.

In this workshop you will learn about the following:

  • Bike boxes – what are they and how to use them.
  • Separated cycling facilities (one-directional and bi-directional) – how they differ and safe cycling tips.
  • The “Copenhagen Left” – a simple-turning technique that reduces risks to cyclists making a left turn.
  • General best practices for ensuring visibility while cycling on the road.

Cost: $450 + HST

Extend your Cycling Season

This workshop will teach you what you need to know to feel comfortable biking year-round.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • tips, tricks and tools to extend your cycling season and keep riding through the winter safely;
  • route planning;
  • what to wear and what not to wear;
  • tips for choosing the right bike and;
  • simple suggestions for winter bike maintenance.

Cost: $450 + HST