Waste Diversion Services

We can reduce waste together

More than half of what Ottawa residents throw in the garbage could be recycled or composted instead! EnviroCentre implements projects that increase the diversion of recyclable and compostable waste from Ottawa’s landfills.

A person demonstrating waste sorting at an information booth.

A recent City of Ottawa waste audit show that 58% of what Ottawa residents throw in the garbage could go in the green, blue, or black bin. EnviroCentre works with multi-residential properties, colleges, institutions, and organizations across Ottawa to optimize waste management systems and increase diversion of waste from Ottawa’s landfills. 

Sorting waste properly has significant environmental benefits.

When organic waste decomposes in landfills it produces methane, a powerful greenhouse gas. Emissions from Canadian landfills account for 23% of national methane emissions. These emissions are significantly reduced when organic waste is composted through the green bin program instead of being improperly disposed of in the landfill. 

EnviroCentre has worked with high-rise properties, low-rise communities, and colleges to introduce the collection of organic waste and optimize waste management systems. 

A garbage room with bins for various types of waste.

Ottawa Community Housing Waste Diversion Projects

In 2021-2022 EnviroCentre worked with Ottawa Community Housing (OCH) to increase diversion rates and introduce organics collection at 4 Ottawa high-rise buildings. ​Infrastructure upgrades were completed at each building, including garbage chute closures, compactor removals, and the installation of a clean, convenient indoor waste room offering all four waste streams. Each room was made accessible to all residents and mobility devices, and residents were engaged, informed, and supported through education and outreach initiatives.

EnviroCentre also worked with OCH to increase diversion rates and various low-rise communities through the installation of new infrastructure and education and outreach initiatives. 

A set of wastebins with a monitor guiding proper sorting.

Waste Diversion at Collège La Cité 

In 2023, EnviroCentre partnered with Collège La Cité to introduce the collection of organic waste at the college and increase diversion rates through the installation of new infrastructure and AI technology called OSCAR.

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