TravelWise Program

About TravelWise

TravelWise is a City of Ottawa program that provides workplaces with the knowledge and resources to encourage employees to take transit, bike, walk, and carpool to work.

Through research, assessment, supporting policy development, programming and promotion, TravelWise supports healthy and efficient commuting solutions.

Why Commuting Matters

Addressing commuting options at your workplace will benefit you and your employees. TravelWise supports workplaces by helping you:

Manage Parking Demand.

Increasing the number of commuter trips made by transit, cycling, walking, and carpooling will reduce the number of cars arriving at your workplace and help solve parking demand management issues.

Invest in Employee Wellness.

Studies have shown that walking and cycling to work can help improve health, increase energy levels and reduce stress.

Deepen your Environmental Leadership.

Demonstrate your organization’s environmental leadership by taking measurable action to reduce GHG emissions associated with commuting.

Invest in Your Community.

Reducing the number of cars arriving at your workplace will help reduce congestion, decrease noise pollution and improve air quality. Your neighbours will thank you!


Choose a TravelWise Program

  1. The Full TravelWise Program.

For workplaces ready to commit to significant change. Through consistent support over 12 months, your workplace will gain the knowledge and tools to implement long-term and lasting commuting solutions.

You will receive:

  • A site assessment to understand how existing infrastructure impacts commuting options;
  • An employee commuter survey to assess current commuting patterns;
  • A customized TravelWise Plan to improve sustainable commuting at your workplace;
  • 4 hours of monthly HR support to help you implement your plan during the Program. These hours can be used to:
    • Organize workshops, booths, and presentations;
    • Provide research, case studies, and support policy development;
    • Access resources and learning opportunities about how the O-Train Confederation Line and Stage 2 LRT will improve sustainable commuting;
    • Support communication planning and key messaging.
  1. The TravelWise Menu.

For workplaces ready for a quick win in one or more areas of sustainable commuting. Choose from a selection of tools and programs to increase trips by transit, cycling, walking or carpooling, including access to OttawaRideMatch carpool matching site, workshops, transportation booths, focus groups, and more.

For more information about TravelWise, or to join the program, e-mail or call us at 613-656-0100

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