Looking for a better way to get around?

EnviroCentre’s transportation programs promotes cycling, walking, carpooling, car sharing, workshifting and using public transit.

Choosing these options saves money, has health benefits and is environmentally-friendly.

School Active Transportation Program

Developed by Green Communities Canada and delivered by EnviroCentre, the Ottawa School Active Transportation Program works with schools to promote active transportation to school.

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Bike to Work Month

Bike to Work Month is a yearly campaign (May) that encourages people to try cycling as a fun and healthy option for commuting.

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TravelWise is a City of Ottawa program that provides workplaces with the knowledge and resources to encourage employees to take transit, bike, walk, and carpool to work.

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Winter Cycling

Use this resource on winter cycling to show how it can be fun, fast and friendly in any community! All texts, photos and tips contained within this section are free to download and share.

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One bus can replace up to 40 cars on the road, making our streets more livable for everyone.

Plus, the average transit user walks 19 minutes a day between stops , getting valuable exercise during their day.


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