Starting the School Year on the Right Foot! 

With three weeks left of summer, it is a great time to dust off your sneakers and get ready to start the school year on the right foot.

September is a beautiful time of year for walking, scooting, and cycling, and it’s also when families establish their routines for the school year. So why not choose a routine involving walking or wheeling to school, which benefits you and your community alike.

A new video created by EnviroCentre, the Ottawa Student Transportation Authority, and the City of Ottawa highlights the countless benefits and positive impacts of using active transportation to get to and from school. Of course, active transportation is great for your health, reduces traffic, and improves air quality, but did you know that it also improves safety and builds a sense of community? 

A video by EnviroCentre, the Ottawa Student Transportation Authority and the City of Ottawa illustrating the benefits of using active transportation to get to and from school.

This 2-minute video collects facts in a fun format that will engage parents and students alike. Learn how much greenhouse gas you can avert (prevent from going into the atmosphere) by walking instead of driving and how walking builds lifelong habits. Watch it now to discover the many advantages of walking to school! 

For extra motivation to explore routes to school on foot, check out the “Dust off your Sneakers” challenge on the Hop! App. The challenge encourages you to get ready for the school year as you explore your community and find your favourite walking route to school. Discover the positive impact walking has on the environment as you use the app to log walks to school and in your community. 

We know it may not work with everyone’s lifestyle to make every trip an active one, but we encourage you to walk to school when you can. It will make a world of difference!