Become A Registered Energy Advisor

Being a Registered Energy Advisor (REA) is a challenging and rewarding career.

Whether you are new to the field or a previous REA returning to the industry, EnviroCentre can help guide you every step of the way with our fully funded REA Training Program. Keep reading to learn more and claim your spot on our program!

The Home Efficiency Rebate Plus program (HER+), delivered in partnership with the Canada Greener Homes Grant and Enbridge Gas, has been an overwhelming success. This program has facilitated a reduction in energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions for over 100,000 households in Ontario and saw a reduction of Green House Gasses by 26%.  Given the high demand and the number of households that have participated, the program has successfully filled all available spots earlier than expected and has been halted indefinitely.

To reach our climate targets, programs such as Greener Homes need further expansion and support, not closure.

Use your voice today and share your opinion with the Federal government with the help of this customizable letter template.

The Path to Becoming an Energy Advisor

*** Please note that we are currently only accepting applications from the following regions: the GTA and Sudbury, North Bay, Timmins, Sault Ste Marie and rural Eastern Ontario ***

Depending on your career background, becoming a Registered Energy Advisor is an 8 to 12-week journey. All REAs must pass two qualification exams through Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) and be affiliated with an NRCan-licensed service organization (SO).

We have included everything you need to know about becoming an REA in our Guide to Becoming an Energy Advisor, as well as the steps required and resources available to help transition into this exciting field.

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Benefits of Being an REA

  • Your work is key to building a sustainable future for our city
  • You help families improve the comfort of their homes and reduce their energy bills
  • Your schedule is flexible and you work independently
  • You will never be short of work – there is a growing demand for qualified REAs
  • Good economic prospects – you can make up to $300 per assessment

Being an REA is a Good Fit if …  

  • You’re a self-starter
  • You enjoy meeting and interacting with new people
  • You are interested in sustainability and the energy efficiency of homes 
  • You have a background in, interest or willingness to learn about construction, carpentry, architecture, engineering, math, etc. 

EnviroCentre’s REA Training Program

*** Please note that we are currently only accepting applications from the following regions: the GTA and Sudbury, North Bay, Timmins, Sault Ste Marie and rural Eastern Ontario ***

Our REA Training Program is geared at guiding you through each step of your learning journey to becoming an REA, from preparing for your first exam to performing actual energy assessments in the field. This is a fully funded program that is provided at no charge to participants. Please note that prospective REAs are responsible for covering the fees for the two qualification exams, the Foundation Level Exam and the Energy Advisor (House) Exam, required to become an REA. For more information please visit Natural Resources Canada.

Participants will receive one-on-one mentoring, access to a dedicated forum to connect with other REAs as well as access to experts, webinars and other training opportunities.

Meet Our Trainer

Bridget O’Flaherty is our in-house trainer and mentor for Registered Energy Advisors (REAs). She holds a degree in Environmental Studies and brings over a decade of experience as an REA, instructor, and sustainability consultant in the residential building and energy industry. Bridget is dedicated to leaving a small footprint in her life while living in her off-grid home and loves to share her knowledge.

“My favourite part about being an REA is the flexible schedule that has allowed me to balance my work and family life. I also love working with great people who are committed to understanding energy conservation for their homes, which helps the greater battle of climate change.”

Next Steps

Think this might be the right career path for you? Interested in participating in our REA Training Program? Download the application form here and send it to

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