RAIN ready ottawa

Take action on your property

Rain Ready Ottawa is a City of Ottawa pilot program that encourages and supports residents to take action on their property to reduce the harmful impacts of rainwater runoff.

EnviroCentre has partnered with the City of Ottawa to manage and deliver a detailed assessment of rainwater management (water flow) on residential properties in priority watersheds. Homeowners will receive a customized report that outlines challenges, simple solutions and recommendations for more in-depth ways to manage rainwater on their property.

Save money on upgrades

The Rain Ready Ottawa program is currently offering rebates for some recommended approaches based on these assessments. 

Rain Ready Ottawa offers rebates for five practices:


Up to $1,000

Rain garden

Up to $2,500

Soak-away pit installation

Up to $2,500


Up to $5,000

Fusion Landscape Professional designs

Up to $500

eLearning Opportunity

For residents who do not get one of the Home Assessment spots, Rain Ready Ottawa has launched a series of eLearning courses. The courses will provide a self-guided learning opportunity about rainwater management techniques that can be put into practice around the home. 

The completion of the courses will allow residents in priority areas to become eligible for Rain Ready Ottawa rebates without the need for a Home Assessment or the use of a Fusion Landscape Professional 

Four courses will be offered: 

  1. Stormwater introduction and program overview 
  2. Downspout redirection 
  3. Rain garden installation 
  4. Soakaway pits and trenches 

You can sign up for the e-learning courses below. Course enrollment is free for all residents with an Ottawa address. 

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