Pedal Easy sparks joy for the lucky winner of Bike to Work Month

Roger Leclaire participated in Bike to Work Month last May and was the lucky winner of a brand new Pedal Easy E-bike valued at $2499! He popped by our offices this week to claim his prize.

Pedal Easy is a Canadian company founded in 2012, and all of their lightweight, electric bicycles are assembled by hand in their Ottawa workshop. Pedal Easy E-bikes are well-known in Canada for being among the lightest and most ‘bike-like’ E-bikes on the market. The CanCycle bike chosen by Roger weighs only 36 pounds!

“We’re seeing a noticeable increase in E-bike commuters, E-bikes allow commuters to arrive at work fresh and dry and then they can get their workout on the way home.”

Frank Wilson, Spoke Person for Pedal Easy
This picture: Sharon Coward (EnviroCentre Executive Director), Roger Leclaire (Bike to Work Month prize winner), Frank Wilson (Pedal Easy Spoke Person)
Picture above: Roger Leclaire (Bike to Work Month prize winner), and Claudio Wensel (Pedal Easy Co-founder)

EnviroCentre runs Bike to Work Month every to celebrate and encourage commuter cycling in Ottawa. We organize events, workshops, and pop-up celebration stations throughout the city to encourage and celebrate commuter cycling. Participants who log their commutes are eligible for daily prize draws that are kindly donated by local businesses. This year, the grand prize was generously donated by Pedal Easy.

Pedal Easy E-bikes are a great resource for cycle commuting – they are a less expensive option than driving a car, can be used on both roads or cycling infrastructure, and offer the added advantage of assisting with pedalling as needed. E-bikes are great for older adults, those with health issues, or people who commute or want to ride longer distances with a bit of zip in their trip!

“I’ll be using my new E-bike mostly for fun, but I may well ride it in to the office too! I’m really thrilled with this prize and looking forward to
joining Bike to Work Month again next year!”

Roger Leclaire, winner of Bike to Work Month 2019’s grand prize

For more information about Pedal Easy bikes visit their website or reach out directly to Frank at

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