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EnviroCentre is powered by a dedicated team of people who share the organization’s vision and values.

General Enquires

Telephone: (613) 656-0100

Email: info@envirocentre.ca

Corporate Operations

Sharon Coward
Executive Director
ext. 110
Sharon steers the ship at EnviroCentre.  Her work focuses on creative strategies to engage and catalyze local residents and businesses to significant climate action and drive a sustainable low-carbon transition.  She has a keen interest in the intersection of energy policy and sustainable development, and the practical implications of each for our local communities, both today and for future generations.  Sharon is an Ottawa native and is committed to supporting local initiatives to work toward a collaborative vision for a sustainable National Capital Region.

Communications & Media Enquiries

Vita Sgardello
Communications Specialist
On parental leave starting June
Vita is in charge of all external communications for EnviroCentre. This includes content creation across our platforms, social media curation, event promotion, and media relations. She brings her past experiences as a community manager, journalist, and copywriter to her role. She has a Masters in Environmental Ethics & Philosophy from the Open University and is passionate about sustainability in all its miscellany and complexity.
Nickie Shobeiry
Communications and Marketing Specialist
Nickie is responsible for overseeing and contributing to EnviroCentre’s external communication activities, public relations activities, marketing and content development. As a journalist covering social impact, Nickie brings her storytelling expertise to EnviroCentre, celebrating climate action.
Lisa Tanh
Communications and Marketing Coordinator
Lisa is responsible for supporting EnviroCentre’s communications and marketing needs. She has extensive experience in the environmental sector and has taken part in launching Canada’s most significant initiative to encourage greener economic growth: the Smart Prosperity Leaders’ Initiative. She is extremely passionate about connecting with different communities and learning new ways to inspire environmental action and positive change.

Community Sustainability Programs

Elyse McCann
Director of Business Development
ext. 101
Elyse has been with EnviroCentre since 2007. She has lead the design and delivery of effective programs, educational workshops and public engagement campaigns including Bike to Work Month, the Sustain Your Community Project, and Carbon 613. Elyse is a local expert on sustainable transportation and shared her knowledge locally and across Ontario by speaking at conference and in webinars.
Jennifer Stelzer
Community Sustainability Programs Manager
ext. 120
Jennifer brings expertise in event planning, community engagement and data development and analysis to the EnviroCentre team. Through her professional, volunteer and advocacy work, she has demonstrated her ability to plan and implement quality programs and initiatives that are fun, inclusive and engaging. Jennifer has a BA in Geography with a keen interest in urban landscapes and programs that influence citizen behaviour. She is an avid cyclist and her passion for encouraging sustainable transportation and lighter living is reflected in the work she does.
Mandy Wilson
Community Engagement Coordinator
ext. 129
Mandy is responsible for planning and executing all EnviroCentre events including workshops, annual receptions, booths, and special projects. They are also responsible for coordinating the call for proposals process for the Ottawa Sustainability Fund, a granting program that provides funding to charities who are undertaking environmental projects. Mandy has worked in the not-for-profit industry for most of their career and brings extensive experience in outreach and event management to their role. They are passionate about lowering their environmental impact through commuting by bike and maintaining a vegan lifestyle.
Stephan Meloche
Community Sustainability Programs Facilitator
Stephan specializes in community outreach with a focus on sustainable transportation and helping residents reduce their personal environmental impact. With a background in customer service and working with diverse populations, he shares his knowledge of living lighter in Ottawa in a way that fits any lifestyle. Stephan enjoys biking and walking throughout the year; brings his signature wit and energy every day and never misses an opportunity for the perfect (or not so perfect) pun!
Evan Harvey
Carbon 613 Member Engagement Coordinator
ext. 115
Evan is the main contact for Ottawa businesses that are tracking, reducing, and reporting their GHG emissions and overall environmental impact. He completed his Bachelor of Arts Honours at Carleton University, has more than 10 years of client services experience in a variety of industries, and previously worked with EnviroCentre’s home energy programs. Evan has always been passionate about living sustainably to protect our planet’s ecosystems and incredible wildlife.
Brodie Kinnear
Community Outreach Coordinator
ext. 122
Brodie works on EnviroCentre’s School Travel Planning services, which encourage students to walk and wheel to and from school. Working closely with program partners at the Ottawa Student Transportation Authority and the City of Ottawa, she supports data collection, action planning and implementation, and evaluation at 12 Ottawa schools. Brodie has experience as a research assistant, volunteer manager, and program coordinator, and holds a Bachelor (Honours) in Environment and Urban Sustainability from Ryerson University. Since moving to Ottawa from Toronto in 2017, she has enjoyed getting to know the city through its network of bike paths.
Julie Gourley
School Travel Planning Facilitator
ext. 130
Julie works on EnviroCentre’s School Travel Planning services, which encourage students to walk and wheel to and from school. Working closely with program partners at the Ottawa Student Transportation Authority and the City of Ottawa, she supports data collection, action planning and implementation, and evaluation at 12 Ottawa schools. . She holds Bachelor degrees in Physics and Education from Queen’s University.
Darren Daniel
TDM Services Program Coordinator & Carbon 613 Program Coordinator.
ext. 104
Darren is the Coordinator of Transportation Demand Management Services. His role involves providing a service to Ottawa employers that provides the tools, motivation and support to influence commuter behavior. He graduated from Carleton University with a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Environmental Studies. After graduating, Darren decided to explore the environmental non-governmental space by volunteering with organizations such as Ecology Ottawa, Tree Canada, Sierra Club Canada Foundation and Sierra Youth. Darren is a strong believer in social impact and positive change to protect and reduce our impact on the environment.

Energy Efficiency Programs

Melanie Johnston
Home Energy Services Director
ext. 103
Melanie has been with EnviroCentre since 2009, and has been instrumental in the development and delivery of EnviroCentre’s energy efficiency programs. She has assisted with the development and implementation of training over 40 Energy Advisors and 10+ retrofit contractors. Melanie and her team have helped provide education and information including full retrofits to over 9,900 Ontario residents, and has helped save over 9 million m3 of natural gas. In addition, Melanie has worked with multiple social housing providers to educate them on the values of retrofitting older building stock, as well as delivered numerous presentations on this subject to Ottawa residents, businesses and partners.
Scott Meyer
Energy Programs Manager
ext. 123
Scott is passionate about the opportunities to address global climate change at a local level through energy assessment and retrofits in the residential housing sector. He has over 20 years experience in residential building and construction project management and has completed over 2000 Natural Resources Canada ERS energy assessments. He is a Registered Energy Advisor and holds a bachelors degree in Environment and Resource Studies from the University of Waterloo and a certificate in Fine Woodworking from Selkirk College in BC.
Henock Abraham
Technical Services Coordinator
ext. 109
Henock is a Registered Energy Advisor and holds QAS (Quality Assurance Specialist) designations from Natural Resources Canada. He does pre and post retrofit residential home energy assessments, creates work plans and work orders, processes files for reporting, completes quality assurance tasks on works completed by contractors and vets onboarding energy advisors. He brings over ten years of international experience as a coordinator of residential and commercial building constructions. He has BSc degree in civil engineering from Addis Ababa University.
Tom Baker
Energy Programs Coordinator
ext. 106
Tom works on several energy programs on behalf of the EnviroCentre Energy Team, handling inquiries and program applications, and helping match clients with the best service to fit their needs.  He graduated from Carleton university with a degree in Sociology and applies it to all his client interactions. Tom is passionate about EnviroCentre’s work and the people we help through our energy efficiency programs and services.
Bishwa Regmi
Fee For Service Programs Coordinator
ext. 119
As a Program Coordinator for Fee for Service Programs, Bishwa Regmi manages and updates tracking and processing energy program data, program logistics, NRCan mailbot submissions, resolving problem files and supporting in promotion and delivery of energy programs. He is passionate about environmental sustainability – living lightly and going for a plant-based diet.
Richard Johnston
Retrofits Coordinator
ext. 105
Richard Johnston has been working at EnviroCentre since 2012. As Retrofits Coordinator, Richard liaises with clients and subcontractors and has facilitated the majority of our low-income retrofit planning over the last eight years. Richard’s work includes client care, home modeling, and project planning.  He has a background in construction and is a key part of EnviroCentre’s technical team. 

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