Let’s Talk Green Economy

This project is now over, the educational materials that were created are available and free to use: click here.

A free workshop series for Ottawa businesses to de-mystify the Green Economy.

The green economy is taking off in Canada and around the world.  Get your business ready to join in.

Make the Green Economy work for your business.

What is the Green Economy? – How do I Save Energy?  – Can my Business be Green? Can Green Grow My Market? – Does my Impact Matter?

Workshops offered across Ottawa from January to March 2020. Free for Ottawa Businesses! Delivered in-person and online, at your business or at a public space (check our Events Calendar for upcoming dates). You choose what works best for you and your staff. 

The workshops topics include:

Workshops for Builders & Contractors

Retrofitting to Net Zero: Knowing the Landscape (part 1)

A workshop for Builders, Renovators and Contractors interested in learning about Net Zero Housing. You’ll leave with a clear understanding of what Net Zero means, what its benefits and costs are, and what Net Zero looks like in Ottawa today. 

Retrofitting to Net Zero: Getting it Right (part 2)

A workshop for Builders, Renovators and Contractors that will take a deeper dive into the building science behind Net Zero. You’ll leave with a clear understanding of the available training opportunities, green building certifications, and how to move from plan to action.

Workshops for Businesses & Business Owners

Building Retrofits for SMEs: Where to Start (part 1)

An interactive workshop for Business Owners on energy savings in renovation and the meaning of Net Zero labelling.

Building Retrofits for SMEs: From Plan to Project (part 2)

An interactive workshop for Business Owners on how to add energy savings to your renovation plans and even reach Net Zero.

Make Green Economy Work for Your Business

The business landscape is changing, and getting ahead of those changes gives your workplace a competitive advantage! Get past the jargon, and discover how to make the green economy work for your business. No matter what sector, services or products you’re providing, you can take action to reduce your footprint now.

10 Steps to a Low Carbon Workplace

An interactive workshop that will provide you with practical tips on reducing your environmental impact in the workplace. Learn how to assess your current greenhouse gas impact and simple ways to reduce it.

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