About the Ottawa Sustainability Fund

About the Ottawa Sustainability Fund

The Ottawa Sustainability Fund (OSFund) was created in 2006 as a philanthropic fund of the Community Foundation of Ottawa. It enables donors to support with confidence projects that foster an environmentally sustainable society in the City of Ottawa. Since 2006, the fund has contributed over $100,000 in grants to Ottawa-based community projects and organizations.

In 2015, EnviroCentre was approached to provide administrative support to the OSFund. Through a strategic partnership between EnviroCentre, the OSFund Advisory Committee, and the Ottawa Community Foundation, we will continue to fund meaningful, environmental projects and programs within the Ottawa area.

The OSFund is made possible by a team of committed volunteers and the generosity of donors. The funds are managed by the Ottawa Community Foundation. For more information and to donate, please visit their website.

Meet the Advisory Committee

John G. Hollins, Founding Member and Communications, Chair, Canadian Association for the Club of Rome
Paul M. Koch, Founder and Past Chair, P. Eng., Management Consultant and Civic Entrepreneur
Brandon Malleck, Committee Chair, P. Eng., Manager, Technical Services and Projects, Bentall Kennedy
Elyse McCann, Manager, Outreach and Engagement, EnviroCentre
Phillip-Clemens Nowotny, Committee Member, Manager, Data and Research, Shepherds of Good Hope
Mandy Wilson, Staff Liaison/Committee Secretary

2015 grant, Healthbridge Foundation of Canada, Bike Host Program

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