How to propagate your houseplants

Propagating your plants is a great skill to have because you can make lots of new plants for your house rather than having to purchase them from a nursery and buy plastic pots! It’s also nice to propagate plants and give them to friends and family as presents.

Step 1

Choose an existing plant that you want to propagate. Pothos and other vines work well, but you can experiment with lots of different kinds of plants!

Step 2

Using clean scissors, cut a length of healthy vine with plenty of leaves off.

Step 3

Gently pull off several leaves closest to where you made your cut. Be careful to remove the leaves that would have been closest to the natural root system of the plant. Make sure to remove the entire leaf as close to the stem as you can. Leave some leaves for the plant!

Step 4

Place the bare part of the vine in a clean glass of water and place in a sunny windowsill.

Step 5

Keep an eye out for new roots. Depending on your plant this may take a couple of weeks or several months. Be patient! When your plant has grown enough roots to be proportionate to the rest of it, you are ready to plant it!

Step 6

For resilient plants like pothos, you can plant your new roots directly into soil. For more sensitive plants, you may want to consider slowly adding soil to the water so that it can acclimatize to it’s new growing medium.

Now you have a new houseplant that you grew yourself! Plus, you avoided spending money on plastic nursery pots! This fun and satisfying zero waste project will help bring more plant life into your home!