Complete Green Home

By choosing a Complete Green Home audit you are choosing to take a deep dive into understanding the environmental impact of your home and lifestyle, and what you can do to lighten it. 

We will look at your…

Building envelope. This includes carrying out an energy audit, blower door test, thermal imaging analysis, air quality analysis, and an electrical audit.

Fuel source. This includes checking your heating and cooling systems and looking into fuel switching options.

Water efficiency. We will carry out a water efficiency walkthrough of your property to determine inefficiencies and advise on a course of action. 

Lighting. We will carry out a “lite on lights” walkthrough and help you find the most cost-effective way to reduce consumption. 

Transportation. Through our transportation assessment, we will provide customized information about electrical vehicles and charging options, commuting to work, busses, active transportation, route planning, and more. 

Waste systems. We will carry out an audit of your waste systems and provide waste reduction tips, recycling information, and information on the green disposal of household items. 

Outdoor spaces. We will walk through your property and assess the opportunity of installing rain and ecological gardens, permeable pavement, green gardening, and resilient outdoor spaces. 

Based on our assessment we will also advise on…

Renewable options. We will help you navigate which renewable energy options are available to you and recommend the best options. 

Lifestyle tips. We will provide you with practical and doable tips on how to live lightly in your home and life. 

Smart home systems. Technology can help us reduce energy consumption. We will provide you with customized recommendations on which smart home systems make the most sense for you.

Optional add on

Net Zero baseline and recommendations on how to move towards net-zero living. 

What’s involved

Step 1 – In House Visit

We’ll carry out a full assessment of your indoor and outdoor living spaces and ask you many questions. The walkthroughs are carried out by EnviroCentre staff and generally take around 3 hours, although exact timing will depend on the size of your property.

Step 2 – Complete Green Audit Report

You’ll receive a printed copy of your Complete Green Audit Report. The information in the report will be fully customized to your home and lifestyle and will contain tiered recommendations to help you navigate the next steps.

Step 3 – Next Steps

The final visit is optional, but recommended. We will visit you at your home to go through the report with you and answer any questions you might have. It’s a good opportunity to assess what your objectives and next steps are going forwards. This visit usually takes around 1 hour.

Rates starting at $1200.

To book your Complete Green Home audit or find out more get in touch.

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