The Tool

Designed to help you meet your sustainability goals

When it comes to sustainability, Ottawa Green Business turns your business data and your sustainability goals into insights that drive action—clear, measurable, effective climate action.

The four-step plan looks like this:

This is the first step, where we learn your goals, your needs and your direction, and get you started on your journey to sustainability.  You receive your welcome package, have your kick-off meeting with the OGB team, a facility walk-through.  At this stage, you also gain access to the OGB employee engagement tools and start bringing your staff into the process.

  • Welcome Package
  • Your Public Announcement
  • Kick-off Meeting and Facility Tour
  • Employee Engagement Package

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. OGB will guide you to gather your key data, turn it into a carbon accounting report. We’ll discuss insights with you and a recommendation for a baseline year from which to set a reduction target. We’ll also help you develop a data management plan, and train you in using the Impact Tracking Tool so you can track your progress towards your goals.

  • Data review
  • Carbon Inventory Analysis
  • Carbon Baseline and Inventory Report
  • Intro to Impact Tracking Tool

We’ll help you bring together your business data, benchmarking data, and real-life examples so that you can choose a reduction target that’s right for your business. We’ll work with you on setting up a green team and identifying potential reduction opportunities to give you confidence in choosing and meeting a target.

  • Identify reduction opportunities
  • Make a realistic and customized action plan
  • Set a Target

We become your business coach, providing a regular touchpoint and sounding board that guides, motivates, connects, and facilitates your progress towards your target and your broader sustainability and business objectives.

  • Green Team Support
  • Quarterly Check-ins
  • Impact Tracking and reporting
  • On-going education
  • Events
  • Employee Engagement Tools
  • Public Recognition

Reach your sustainability goals with a proven business sustainability tool designed specifically for Canadian businesses like yours.


OGB helps you and your employees learn about sustainability so you can reach your goals. We do this through: workshops, webinars, events, facility tours, weekly tips, monthly newsletters, employee engagement tools, information toolkits and more.


You can’t manage what you don’t measure. OGB helps you translate your environmental impact into numbers you can track, compare and plan to reduce. We do this by providing: an Impact Tracking Tool, carbon accounting training, and on-going support with data entry and impact reporting. You provide the data, we provide results. OGB’s Impact Tracking Tool is a customized tool developed by Green Economy Canada for Canadian businesses. The tool tracks a range of sustainability indicators, and is aligned with the requirements of the GHG Protocol for Corporate emissions reporting


Once you know your numbers, your business can plan to reduce your environmental impact in measurable, effective ways that support your sustainability goals and your bottom line. OGB will support you to develop a Customized Sustainability Plan for your business including: Green Team development, sustainability initiatives, clear targets


OGB supports you to put your plan into action! We become your business coach, providing a regular touchpoint and sounding board that guides, motivates, connects, and facilitates your progress towards your target and your broader sustainability and business objectives. This includes: Green Team Support, Quarterly Check-Ins, Impact Tracking and Reporting, on-going education, events, employee engagement tools, a supportive business network


Part of maximizing the impact of your sustainability action for your business is celebrating your goals and your achievements. OGB supports and amplifies your work through: public recognition, sustainability communications support, blogs, articles, social media posts, events, speaking opportunities, case studies, annual reports, awards and more…


OGB members are Green Economy Leaders, connected to a network of member businesses across Ontario. Your initiatives and successes are shared across the network and impact businesses across your community and across Canada. Through network events, articles, case studies, reports, social media and conversation, your sustainability actions can produce ripple effects across the country.

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