Procurement & Supply Chain


An app to connect with other businesses – Discover businesses near you that are going green. Learn more here.

Be a conscious consumer – The Round Peg compiled a list of over 170 companies and organizations that help be a conscious consumer. Discover more here.

Ecolabel Index – List of ecolabels in Canada to help you find your way around. Discover more here.

An app to eat better – Localize helps you consume better by giving you accurate and reliable information about food products. Discover more here.

Ethical consumer – Information and inspiration to revolutionize the way you spend, save and live. Learn more here.


Supply chain and carbon footprint – How to really hold business to account on their carbon footprint – include their supply chains. Discover more here.

Sustainable procurement – Build the business case for sustainable procurement. Learn more here.

The carbon impact of food – Learn how putting the focus on what we eat rather than where it comes from has a much greater impact on our environmental footprint. Learn more here.

Plastic free shopping – Learn about shops across Ontario offering plastic-free shopping experiences. Find out more here.

Zero waste shopping – Here is a province-wide guide to help you move towards zero waste shopping. Check out the suggestions for Ottawa as well! Find out more here.

Greening your supply chain – Does your business have logistics-intensive operations? This Guide was developed for Metro Vancouver to help businesses implement Supply Chain Logistics strategies that lead to financial and environmental and social benefits. More information here.

Green procurement – Businesses and institutions have the potential to use their purchasing power to influence suppliers and service providers to offer more sustainable products. Here is how Carleton University is doing it! Learn about it here.

Paperless washrooms – Many facilities have replaced paper towel dispensers in their restrooms with automatic hand dryers. The University of Ottawa reduced its annual paper consumption by over 9000kg! Find out more here.

Greening your operations – Pollution prevention is about avoiding the creation of pollution and waste and can be as simple as conserving water and energy, or more challenging like improving efficiencies in the manufacturing process. Learn more about it here.

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