Future Homes Ottawa

The future Ottawa is filled with better homes for everyone.

Homes that are efficient, comfortable, resilient, and zero-emissions. 

EnviroCentre’s Future Homes Ottawa project is working to make this future Ottawa vision possible for residents, trades, and everyone who lives or does business in our region.

About Future Homes

Future Homes Ottawa is a project by EnviroCentre to help Ottawa reach its emissions reduction targets by scaling uptake in deep home energy retrofits.

A deep retrofit is an energy retrofit that results in energy savings of 50% or more. Homes that have been deep retrofitted are more comfortable to live in and cheaper to run. They also produce significantly fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

To tackle the worst effects of climate change on our city, 98% of Ottawa’s homes need to undergo deep energy retrofits by 2040 – that’s about 20,000 homes every year. This is a big job that will require Ottawa businesses, organizations and residents to work together to find innovative solutions.

To learn more about where this project originated from and why we are doing it, click here. To learn more about home energy retrofits, energy efficiency at home, and how to navigate the many rebates and financing opportunities available to Ottawa residents visit our website BetterHomesOttawa.ca.

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