May 30
5:00 pm – 7:00 pm
The Lieutenant’s Pump
361 Elgin Street Ottawa, ON K2P 1M9

Let’s Bike Workshop: Cyclist Rights

Being prepared to patch a flat tire or direct someone to the closest bike path are great skills to have when on your bike. So too is understanding what to do when something goes wrong: it can be both helpful and empowering. We invite you to join us Tuesday May 30th at the Lieutenant’s Pump for some helpful knowledge in case you or a loved one are involved in a collision while out riding. Topics covered will be: Information to gather on scene, bike cameras, road rage, the role of police, rules of the road, cycling insurance, and more.

With offices in Toronto and Hamilton, as well as a Cycling Law Hub in Ottawa, The Biking Lawyer LLP’s Know Your Rights Workshop will focus on cyclist rights and entitlements. The 20-30min Workshop will be followed by a facilitated Q&A to give you an opportunity to share and discuss. Food and drinks are available for purchase throughout the evening (Menu).