Home Retrofit Webinar Episode #4: Renovators – SMARTNet Alliance

May, 19 2022
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Join SMARTNet Alliance and the City of Ottawa for Episode #4 of the Home Retrofit Webinar series.

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About this event

We’re back with another episode in the Home Retrofit Webinar Series. After covering some of the essentials such as Home Energy Audits, Heat Pumps, Insulation and Air Tightness, Window Performance, and Electrical Panel Upgrades, we are excited to feature Renovators this time around. Renovators are key in any home retrofit project. Oftentimes the right renovator can make or break a project. During the event we will feature several companies that are working on the leading edge of energy efficient retrofits in the Ottawa area. We will hear how they are not only making their customers’ dwellings more comfortable but how they are also saving them money on future utility bills. During the episode you will hear from four experts who will detail past projects and go over things you need to consider while you are planning your retrofit.

First up we welcome Casey Grey, who is the founder of the award-winning sustainable building company, The Conscious Builder. Casey is a leading voice in the world of sustainability through his Conscious Builder Podcast and The Conscious Builder Youtube channel, which is a wealth of information for those who are thinking about renovating their homes. Casey will speak to some of the more challenging renovation projects he has tackled over the years and he will highlight how energy efficiency, and ultimately comfort, are at the heart of every project his company takes on. He will detail work that he and his team have done including deep energy retrofits to a 100 year home and an 1860’s stone farmhouse. Casey will also go over what you need to consider when choosing a renovator for your project.

Next up we will hear from Jeff Hurdis and Darren Vander Meer from Lagois Design Build Renovate. Jeff is the Lead Designer and Darren is Head Production Manager. Together, they will discuss the importance of taking a holistic approach to your energy retrofit, both in the design stage and the construction. Jeff and Darren will highlight how involving designers, Energy Advisors, mechanical designers and the construction team early on in the process allows you to create a cohesive design that not only functions well from an energy perspective, but actually looks attractive, flows well spatially, and doesn’t cost you more in construction. They will touch on Lagois’s Design Build approach, which allows for the design and construction team to be always talking and refining details as needed. They will also speak to past award winning projects that Lagois has completed and give you a glimpse of what your future home renovation might look like.

For the last presentation we welcome Paul Denys from Denys Design Build. Paul will speak to the emphasis he places on great design. He will highlight how he engages in home renovations of kitchens, bathrooms, and he will speak to the work he is doing around heritage restorations. As a creative designer who also builds, Paul has a passion for combining historical elements with new technology. Through an intimate knowledge & understanding of form, function & composition and strong ties in construction, he is a designer that builds with knowledge and experience of what works and what looks better. If you are thinking of renovating an older heritage home, you won’t want to miss his presentation.

Stay tuned after the main presentations for a round table panel with some of Ottawa’s best renovators. Joining some of the presenters will be other local businesses who will discuss the important work they are doing in the area. Come prepared with all your questions.

Join us on Thursday May 19th starting at 6pm EDT for the next episode in the Home Retrofit Webinar Series. Be sure to make this session and get your questions answered by the best in the business. Register now to hold your spot as this session will surely sell out.

Speaker Bios:

Casey Grey is the founder of the award-winning sustainable building company, The Conscious Builder, the host of The Conscious Builder Podcast and The Conscious Builder Show on YouTube and the former Co-host of The Conscious Living Podcast. He has written almost 400 blog posts on topics such as marketing, branding, entrepreneurship, personal development, sustainability and more. ​Casey brings almost two decades of experience to the construction industry and over a decade of experience to running, owning and growing his businesses while also staying committed to his wife and son. Casey is on a mission to make sure everybody in the world has a healthy, comfortable and efficient home to live in.

Jeff Hurdis is the Lead Designer at Lagois, Jeff has the exciting job of working closely with homeowners to create the home of their dreams. From measuring and investigating the existing spaces, creating conceptual design, 3D renderings, project estimates and meeting with homeowners, Jeff is tasked with ensuring every client’s vision is brought to reality. As a new dad, Jeff’s time away from work is spent enjoying every moment with his son, watching him grow and learn new things everyday. When time allows, you will find him on the golf course, at the campground or on a long walk with his family.

Darren Vander Meer has worked for many years at Lagois. His knowledge and expertise in construction led him to the role of Site Supervisor. Recently, Darren has transitioned to the role of Production Manager and oversees all aspects of a project, making sure that Lagois’ projects stay on time and within budget. He also mentors and coaches all production staff to ensure that every project meets Lagois’ high standard of workmanship. As an avid outdoorsman who loves hiking, camping, and canoeing, Darren is always grateful that his job doesn’t keep him at a desk all day.

Paul Denys is a creative designer who also builds. He has a passion for combining historical elements with new technology. Through an intimate knowledge and understanding of form, function and composition, and strong ties in construction, he creates, builds and renovates a host of unique environments that evoke his personalized style. Paul has been a dedicated hands on designer/builder for 38 + years. He works with state of the art tools and employs techniques that have greatly assisted in the celebration of his customers’ kitchens, bathrooms, porches and other spaces. As a designer that builds with knowledge and experience of what works and what looks better, Paul continues to make his client’s homes more beautiful, easier, cleaner and less expensive.

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