Carbon 613 Virtual Speaker Series – with Jake Miller, Acting Director of Project Neutral

Aug, 20 2020
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Join EnviroCentre for our free Carbon 613 Virtual Speaker Series where we’ll be talking to innovators and leaders in the Green Business sector.

On August 20th, we will be joined by Jake Miller, Acting Director of Project Neutral! Jake will be talking with us about why carbon dioxide emissions are invisible for most Canadian households and what green workplaces can do to help change that!

Jake sees opportunity in using technology to help serve the common good. His work as a product manager on BikeSpace, a digital platform to engage citizens in improving urban cycling infrastructure, allows him to convene individuals and stakeholders from different backgrounds. Ranging from volunteers to city representatives, they work together towards a common goal. Jake’s background as a Personal Service Worker gives him a desire to ameliorate the many physical and social barriers in our society. He manages innovative, technical products that reach beyond the digital realm to make a positive impact on the world. Jake holds a Master’s of Information in Critical Information Policy from the Faculty of Information at University of Toronto.

Project Neutral’s mission is to transform Canadians’ climate concern into action and mobilize a new community of climate leaders. Through our innovative carbon-benchmarking platform, we help people measure their household climate impact and inspire them to take action – both by reducing their greenhouse gas emissions and becoming climate role models in their communities.

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