EV Experience

Learn about EV Experience!

EV Experience is an innovative electric vehicle promotion program that aims to break
down barriers to access and shift the perception of electric vehicles in Ottawa. The project has three main goals:

  • Provide up-to-date information about electric vehicles through the EVexperience.ca website to raise awareness of the benefits of switching away from gas-powered vehicles
  • Make it easy for Ottawa residents to access free test drives and rides in electric vehicles, as this has been proven to be an effective way of demonstrating the benefits of electric vehicles
  • Adding 5 electric vehicles to Ottawa’s Communauto car sharing fleet – this ensures that all Ottawa communities have access to zero-emissions vehicles

EV Experience is led by EnviroCentre and is the result of a strong partnership among local organizations committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in our city: the Electric Vehicle Council of Ottawa,
Communauto, the City of Ottawa, Hydro Ottawa, the Ottawa Climate Action Fund by
the Ottawa Community Foundation and SMARTNet Alliance.

To learn more visit EVexperience.ca

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