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What is a property energy assessment?

A property energy assessment is an in-depth audit of the energy use of your building, including its mechanical components, lighting and equipment, and exterior walls and ceilings. A Certified Energy Advisor (CEA) will visit your building, survey its energy use and collect utility data to gain insight into the building’s current energy use.

After the visit, the CEA will analyze the data, creating models to identify opportunities to improve your property’s efficiency, including any capital projects or equipment replacement required.

What will my assessment include?

Our Certified Energy Advisors will:

  • schedule a visit
  • interview the building manager or operator
  • conduct a detailed assessment of your building
  • survey all devices that consume energy and their yearly usage patterns
  • analyze utility billing history
  • prepare a report identifying recommended upgrades and return on investment
  • provide an understanding of the improvements that will lower energy costs, increase your bottom line and improve overall operation and building comfort
  • connect you to available incentives or  rebates

There are four types of commercial energy assessments:

  1. Yardstick Audit

    A qualitative assessment using performance indicators to provide brief recommendations on types of equipment and building practices to reduce utility costs.

  2. Screening Audit

    Includes a yardstick audit, plus a basic electricity audit surveying wattage and room use, generating a qualitative savings and monthly billing analysis.

  3. Basic Walkthrough Audit

    An energy inventory and a specific evaluation of energy management opportunities.

  4. Detailed Walkthrough Audit

    Incorporates all of the elements of the basic walkthrough, plus additional elements, such as cost monitoring, leakage testing, building envelope modeling, water audits, selective hour billing analyses, energy monitoring plans, as well as estimates of upgrade costs and paybacks.

How can a commercial energy assessment help?

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