Director of Business Development

Elyse McCann

Elyse McCann is our longest-standing staff member and has been with EnviroCentre since 2007.  Elyse has over 20 years in management, including HR, project management, grant writing and contract/client acquisition.

She is extremely proud of the various programs she helped develop and launch at EnviroCentre, in particular the Bike to Work Campaign (now called Let’s Bike) which she started in 2010.  In her current role, she leads and coordinates funding applications and leads our business development and program funding team.  She is also responsible for partnership development and collaboration on new and innovative projects. 

Elyse goes through life seeing opportunities, partnerships, and creative solutions to some of climate action’s most difficult challenges.  She understands the need to provide solutions to meet people where they are at and help them take the first step to living lighter. She has lived in many cities around the world, rides her bike as much as possible to get around and aims to live an eco-conscious life.

In addition to being passionate about her job and the work that EnviroCentre does, she loves to ride her bike, enjoys nature, playing guitar and time with her family. 


Areas of Expertise

Active transportation program planning, design, implementation, and evaluation.

Workplace commuter options programs.

Transportation demand management.

Community sustainability.

Public engagement strategies, campaigns and community-based social marketing.

Business sustainability strategies and employee engagement.