Why We Love School Buses

When we think of the benefits of school buses, we often think of the convenience they provide to children as they travel to and from school. But did you know there are many environmental benefits too?

Top 5 reasons why the Greener Homes Program exists

Canada is all abuzz these days with talk of the federal government’s new ‘Greener Homes Grant’ program, which officially launched this month. You might be asking yourself, ‘where did this come from?’ and maybe even ‘why should I care?’ and ‘why does the government care SO much?’

Let’s Bike 2021

June is here, and Ottawa is settling into the second summer since the start of the pandemic. As the latest stay-at-home order lifts, more people are turning to biking as a way of getting active and getting around — just in time for Let’s Bike Month, EnviroCentre’s annual celebration of cycling!

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