Now’s the Time to Push for Systemic Change!

Right now in Ottawa, the best way to push for systemic change is by engaging in the local municipal elections. The candidates we elect to represent us have major influence over the scale and pace of progress for the environment over the next four years.

EV Carshare Comes to Ottawa Community Housing

We’re one step closer to realizing our vision for a greener, more accessible Ottawa. A new initiative, unveiled on September 13th, will provide residents at five Ottawa Community Housing Corporation communities access to an electric vehicle car sharing program.

Starting the School Year on the Right Foot! 

With three weeks left of summer, it is a great time to dust off your sneakers and get ready to start the school year on the right foot. September is a beautiful time of year for walking, scooting, and cycling, and it’s also when families establish their routines for the school year. Check out our newest video on the benefits of walking to school!

EnviroCentre loves school bus drivers! 

Each school day, Ottawa’s school bus drivers travel over 136,000 kilometres as they transport about 80,000 students to and from school – the same as driving across Canada 17 times!

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