Public transit resources

OC Transpo Route Planner – an online route planning tool to help plan your trip with OC Transpo transit. Learn more here.

STO Route Planner – an online route planning tool to help plan your trip with STO transit. Learn more here.


Ottawa Ridematch – a platform that matches commuters looking for carpooling opportunities. Dedicated workplace URLs are also available. Learn more here.

Communauto – discover Ottawa’s carsharing platform. A convenient way to only use a car when you really need it. Learn more here.

Active transportation

Cycling in Ottawa – resources provided by the City of Ottawa including routes, maps, and information about infrastructure. Learn more here.

Bike to Transit – learn about the opportunities available in Ottawa to cycle to transit including the Rack and Roll service and the O-Train. More information here.

Let’s Bike Ottawa – An annual campaign that encourages people to try cycling as a fun, healthy and low-carbon transportation option with events, prizes, and free tools and resources. Learn more here.

Winter cycling resources – learn the top tips and tricks to extend your cycling season through the winter. More information here.

E-bikes – according to many, e-bikes are the future of transportation. Discover 13 reasons to love e-bikes here.

E-Bike buyers guide – researching and choosing an electric bike can be confusing. Here is a complete eBike buyers guide ranging from everything to personal riding style, batteries, motor and drivetrain configurations, and a lot more, that will help you in choosing an ideal electric bike. More information here.

Electric vehicles

Electric Vehicle Council of Ottawa (EVCO) – a non profit group dedicated to promoting the use of electric vehicles as a viable transportation alternative. They provide ideas, technical expertise, and direction as well as professional services. Learn more here.

Plug’n Drive – a non-profit organization based in Toronto committed to accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles in order to maximize their environmental and economic benefits. Learn more here.

Charge Hub – an interactive online map showing the availability of electric vehicle charging stations in real-time. Learn more here.

Incentives for electric vehicles – learn about the incentives available nationally and provincially in Canada for the purchase of new and used EVs. More information here.

Advantages of electric vehicles – find answers to your questions about EVs and learn about the advantages they offer people and the environment. More information here.

Incentives for electric vehicle chargers – Learn about the incentives offered by Hydro Ottawa for installing electric vehicle charging stations. More information here.

E-Scooters – The City of Ottawa is currently running an e-scooter pilot project. E-scooters support low-carbon micro-mobility. More information here

Company travel

Offsets – learn how offsets can offer opportunities for businesses to purchase investments in carbon capturing ventures as a way to offset carbon emissions caused by company travel and other activities. Learn more here.

Service providers & resources

TravelWise – this City of Ottawa program, delivered by EnviroCentre, is geared at workplaces that want to improve their employee commuting options. TravelWise provides workplaces with policies and programs that make it easier and more inviting for their employees to take transit, bike, walk and carpool to work. Learn more here.

Commuting cost calculator – a tool to calculate your estimated commuting cost and annual greenhouse emissions. Learn more here.

Idling by-laws – did you know it is prohibited to idle your vehicle for more than three minutes in a given 60-minute period when the temperature is between 5°C and 27°C? Learn more about the City of Ottawa’s Idling By-Law here.

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