Air Systems Audit

Good home air systems can maximize energy efficiency, reduce costs, protect your home’s long-term resiliency and even improve your health! EnviroCentre’s qualified Green Auditor will assess and make recommendations for your:

Ventilation systems.

Indoor air quality.

HRV performance and maintenance.

What’s involved

Step 1 – In House Visit

We will carry out an assessment and ask you some questions. The walkthroughs are carried out by EnviroCentre staff and generally take around 3 hours, although exact timing will depend on the size of your property.

Step 2 – Air Systems Audit

You will receive a printed copy of your Air Systems Report. The information in the report will be fully customized to your home and lifestyle and will contain tiered recommendations to help you navigate the next steps.

Step 3 – Next Steps

The final visit is optional, but recommended. We will visit you at your home to go through the report with you and answer any questions you might have. It is a good opportunity to assess what your objectives and next steps are going forwards. This visit usually takes around 1 hour.

To book your Air Systems Audit or find out more get in touch.

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