Our Team

EnviroCentre is powered by a dedicated team of people who share the organization’s vision and values.

Telephone: (613) 656-0100

Corporate Operations

Sharon Coward – Executive Director
sharon.coward@envirocentre.ca, ext. 110

General Enquiries
info@envirocentre.ca, ext. 1


General Enquiries

Accounts Payable

Communications & Media Enquiries

Vita Sgardello – Communications Specialist

vita.sgardello@envirocentre.ca, 613-809-0761

Community Sustainability Programs

Program Director

Elyse McCann
elyse.mccann@envirocentre.ca, ext. 101

Program Manager

Jennifer Stelzer
jennifer.stelzer@envirocentre, ext. 120

Program Staff

Angela Plant – Carbon 613 Business Development and Program Manager
angela.plant@envirocentre.ca, ext. 108

Evan Harvey – Carbon 613 Member Engagement
evan.harvey@envirocentre.ca, ext. 115

Brodie Kinnear – Facilitator, School Travel Planning
brodie.kinnear@envirocentre.ca, ext. 122

Darren Daniel – TDM Services Program Coordinator

darren.daniel@envirocentre.ca, ext. 104

Julie Gourley – Facilitator, School Travel Planning
julie.gourley@envirocentre.ca, ext. 130

Mandy Wilson –  Community Engagement Coordinator 
mandy.wilson@envirocentre.ca, ext. 129

Stephan Meloche – Facilitator, Community Sustainability Programs (All Programs)

Home Energy Services

Program Director

Melanie Johnston
melanie.johnston@envirocentre.ca, ext. 103

Program Manager

Scott Meyer
scott.meyer@envirocentre.ca, ext. 123

Program Staff

Ben Perry – Coordinator, Energy Services

Bishwa Regmi – Coordinator, Fee For Service Programs
bishwa.regmi@envirocentre.ca, ext. 119

Greg Furlong – Senior Energy Analyst
greg.furlong@envirocentre.ca, ext. 109

Henock Abraham – Coordinator, Low Income Programs
henock.abraham@envirocentre.ca, ext. 109

Richard Johnston – Assistant, Low Income Programs
richard.johnston@envirocentre.ca, ext. 105

Tom Baker – Coordinator, Energy Programs
tom.baker@envirocentre.ca, ext.  106

Zeru Berhane – Assistant, Low Income Programs
zeru.berhane@envirocentre.ca, ext. 119

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