Our vision

A sustainable net-zero future is achieved in Ottawa and beyond

The EnviroCentre team collected for a group portrait.

Our Mission

EnviroCentre scopes, designs, delivers and scales practical solutions to dramatically reduce climate emissions in our communities.

Our Approach

The six approaches that guide our work


We use positive, practical, vision-focused messaging, pointing to a good future.


We collaborate, build capacity and share resources to support effective, impactful climate action, everywhere.


We make things happen.


We keep the end-goal in sight and focus on projects that can grow to the level of impact we need to meet our climate targets.​


We champion forward-thinking approaches for our region and country.​


We listen to trends, friends, opponents, communities, cultures, partners, ecosystems, and the land to find a good path.​

What we’re proud of…


kilometres biked

In 2023, Let’s Bike encouraged 282,400 km of biking which averted 72,000 kg of GHGs and 15,853 car trips.


tonnes of emissions

Since 2009, EnviroCentre supported the retrofit of 25,000+ homes across Ontario, affected the reduction of 50,000+ tonnes of annualized emissions, and spearheaded ground-breaking regional initiatives in residential retrofits.


sustainability services

EnviroCentre delivers 20 sustainability services and projects, across our four focus areas, and is scoping the development of 6 new initiatives.


collaborative networks

In 2023, EnviroCentre contributed to 17 collaborative networks and working groups.

What our clients say

“In 2023, Canadian Geographic had the pleasure of collaborating with EnviroCentre to bring a highly successful and well-received Mini-Forest Summit to Ottawa. They helped fund, plan and staff the event, and moderated a panel. EnviroCentre brings knowledge, passion, and professionalism together to restore nature, reduce climate emissions, and engage, support and empower people to take action.  It’s a privilege to work with them and we are looking forward to continuing to collaborate going forward.”

Aran O’Carroll, JD, FRCGS | National Director, Environment